Sunday, February 24, 2013

Be careful...

The other day my daughter and I were sculpting with soft air dry 'clay' (mine is pictured above) when for the first time (at least without my help) she made a wonderful elephant, complete with trunk, ears and all. I held it in my hand and said: "This is great, but I don;t think it will stand up." Then I went back to working on my own. The next thing I know she is (to my horror) crushing her elephant into a ball, I said "why did you do that it was beautiful!" and she replied "but it wouldn't stand up". I realized the mistake I had made, and my heart was broken.

We have to understand the effect our words have on children, and in this understanding take great care in choosing them. It is not a mistake I will make again.

I so wish the picture above was her elephant, but it still lives in my mind, and speaks for what yet may come.